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Majestic Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains are among the
oldest natural formations in our country. Time
and the elements have taken peaks that once
were once twice this tall, barren and jagged,
and sculpted them into the forested beauty that
we now enjoy. The vast diversity of tree
species, both deciduous and evergreen, make the
autumn season spectacular to behold. From the
Boyd’s mountain cabin, situated high in Blount
County, the view on this clear October day is
unparalleled. Mankind may well debate the rest
of our days about the specifics of the Creation
of all things in the Universe, but looking out
on these majestic mountains can leave no doubt
that the hand of the Divine has been here.
Limited Edition Lithograph of 1500 numbered and signed by Jim Gray
Approximate Size:
18 x 28 1/4
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