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It is hard to say just which is older. This old home place has seen generations born, raised and pass on. The ancient oak was here before the house was built and has given shade and stood sentinel in the yard all these years. The flag waving bright and proud appears to be the newest, yet with just a few less stars, it has flown since our country first gained independence by the ancestors of the proud Americans of today. All have had struggles to be here this long. Wind, weather and time have challenged both the tree and house. Turmoil in this land and abroad have threatened the red, white and blue. By the grace of God and the relentless efforts of all Americans, this flag will still be flying when these boards have weathered away and the oak has cast its last acorn to the ground.
Limited Edition Lithograph of 1500 numbered and signed by Jim Gray
Approximate Size:
13 x 20
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