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"The Story" Poster.
Size is 19" wide by 25" tall.
Just $25.00 !!!

Mouse over the image for an enlargement, you can also scroll with a mouse wheel.
What do You see here? Look again...
Within this image, which may appear abstract on first glance,
there are actually at least 20 images from the story of the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Do you see Mary in the center with the illumined Child wrapped in her arms?
The Wise Men bearing gifts... Herod with sword raised... Joseph looking to heaven...
Peter downcast as three of the crowd question him and he denies for the third time even knowing his Lord.
The crown of thorns in profile and again face on... The pierced hand... The Soldiers... the Dove...
Our Savior on the cross as He would have been seen from His Father's view in heaven... The Star in the East...
Are there others? There may well be. Perhaps you will find images that even the artist, Jim Gray, has not yet seen.

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