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Jim Gray presents...
Roads I've Traveled
The long awaited coffee table book is a handsome presentation of Jim Gray Artwork, and a compilation of original watercolor and oil paintings in the entire range of his life's work as a painter of landscapes, seascapes, and flower paintings, in addition to showcasing his bronze sculpture efforts
from Dolly Parton to Abraham Lincoln.

   256 pages with 94 full color images and over 100 additional color images plus 18 pages of sculpture.

   Enjoy every detail of Jim's magnificent works in this beautiful
first edition book.

   The book includes Jim's life story told in the fascinating biography Turning Points.

   See many of Jim's personal photos, drawings, sketches, and paintings throughout the bio.

   This handbound oversize coffee table book measures 12" x 16".
$125 (+$10 shipping/handling)
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"The Jim Gray DVD Volume 2"

This is a collection of seventy five images from within and around the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the GSMNP, Jim Gray is pleased to offer this special DVD with the wonderful guitar music of another Smoky Mountain artist, Bill Mize.

By clicking your TV DVD remote on Subtitles, all images can be shown with the title in the lower right corner. In addition to the 75 images from the Smokies area, there is a short candid camera feature at the end, of Bill and Jim in his studio "jammin" and enjoying each other's company.

We are sure you will enjoy this entire DVD. During the introductory period, the DVD will be half price with any limited edition Jim Gray print purchase.
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"The Jim Gray DVD Volume 1"

The Jim Gray DVD features ninety four beautiful paintings showing his range of subjects in both watercolor and oil. Classical music set to slideshows in both full-screen and wide-screen formats!

By clicking the "SUBTITLES" button on your TV/DVD remote, you can see the title of each image in the lower righthand corner of your TV screen. Using the pause botton will allow you to study any image in detail.

Let your TV become a part of the artwork you enjoy in your home or office.

The price for this extensive digital collection of Jim's work is just $25

Remember to add your name to our email list and have a chance at our monthly random drawing for a $100 gift certificate!

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